1) Are Calculus and Biochemistry required for medical/dental school?

  • These are courses required of all Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and Biomedical Engineering majors. These are the preferred majors of most pre-med/pre-dent applicants and are the majors which provide pre-meds the best background preparation for a medical degree.
  • This depends upon the school, some schools do require one or both of these courses but many do specifically require Biochemistry.
  • You should take both of these courses because they will make you a more competitive applicant, provide you a solid background in fundamental subjects and assist you in your medical studies.
  • The MCAT 2015 specifically tests topics from biochemistry.

2) Should I take Physics with or without Calculus?

You may take either PHY 2048/2049 & Lab (physics with calculus) or PHY 2053 & 2054 & Lab (physics without calculus). Do not take physics with calculus until you have taken at least one semester, and preferably two semesters of calculus.