PPAEC Interviews

1) What is a Pre-Professional Advisement and Evaluation Committee (PPAEC) Interview?

The PPAEC committee will interview all students who fulfill the requirements and write a summary letter to professional schools on behalf of the applicant. Many schools look for this letter. They prefer it because the Committee is considered an unbiased third party with ample experience reviewing pre-professional students. This letter will include a summary of your academic progress and success, it will also summarize your relevant personal experiences, and a summary of the evaluation responses from your faculty members as well as the letters of evaluation. This letter will rate your preparation in the context of other FIU pre-professional applicants in the same area. Typically, 85% of students who have qualified for an interview have been accepted into their professional programs.

2) On the day of the PPAEC Interview how is the interview session structured?

The interview is conducted by a group of 3 to 4 faculty members and advisors. Each student is assigned an interview time and will be interviewed for a period of 45-60 minutes. Typically, students will be asked to discuss their academic history since high school. Questions will include academic performance, choices of professional experience/volunteering and shadowing and may include other topics that are appropriate and specific to each student. The purpose of this interview is not to create a confrontational situation but to ensure that the Committee is completely familiar with each applicant and their qualities, personal and professional.

3) Will being interviewed by PPAEC increase my competitiveness among other pre-health students?

Typically 85% of students who pursue an interview with the Committee are admitted to a professional school of their choice. Among those students who do not interview with the Committee the statistics are closer to 10-20% acceptance in each year.

4) Do ALL pre-health programs (i.e. medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, etc.) require a PPAEC interview and letter of recommendation?

No, though many are very familiar with the FIU Committee and they prefer this application package to one compiled independent of the Committee. Some schools have requested students to obtain a Committee interview when they have applied independently (specifically, NOVA University has done this). Just as membership in a prestigious organization is recognized as an accomplishment, qualifying for an interview for which there are substantial minimum requirements provides professional schools a strong sense of the quality of the applicant.

5) When will Committee interviews and Advisor Letters interviews take place?

Students will be able to interview with the Committee or meet with Dr. Landrum for an 'Advisor Letter' between: June 7 - October 15.

6) How do I schedule an interview with Committee or an appointment for an Advisor Letter?

By completing a file and providing the Office of Pre-Health Professions Advising official exam scores. You should communicate your readiness for an interview and be sure that your file is fully complete.

7) What is the difference between a 'Committee Letter of Recommendation' and an 'Advisor Letter'?

In a 'Committee Letter of Recommendation' a student receives a rating level; usually these are: Most Highly Recommended, Very Highly Recommended, Highly Recommended, and Recommended. An 'Advisor Letter' will not include a rating level. Both letters cover scholastic achievements, extracurricular activities, an overview of the interview, and the evaluations and letters of recommendation from professors and health professionals.

8) Is there a fee for either the Committee interview or Advisor Letter?

There is a mandatory one-time fee of $65.00 for both a Committee Interview and 'Advisor Letter'. The fee must be submitted at least two days before your scheduled appointment otherwise you will not be interviewed for either the Committee or Advisor Letter. If a student receives a waiver of the application fee for a centralized application service the Committee will also waive its fee. Currently, Medicine/Dentistry/Pharmacy application services offer application fee waivers and for more information check out your application timeline.

9) How should one come dressed to the PPAEC Interview?

Formally, this is a professional interview.

10) How can one prepare for the PPAEC Interview?

Know what is in your primary application/personal history questionnaire and come prepared to give honest and complete answers to a wide variety of questions and topics.

11) How long does it take PPAEC to prepare and send out my Committee Letter of Recommendation?

On average, it takes the Committee two weeks to prepare and send out a Committee Letter of Recommendation.