1) How do I find research opportunities on campus?

Each of the science departments have many faculty members who have active research groups. Many maintain a website that describes some of their projects. Funding of student research at FIU can be secured from the MBRS/RISE program, the MARC U*STAR program, and the McNair Foundation.
The best way to find a research mentor is to review the interest areas of the faculty in your major field by reviewing websites. After doing this you should visit or email faculty and ask for an interview to discuss research opportunities. Learn what they expect of you and be willing to make a long term commitment. Research usually will require one or more years of consistent involvement on your part. Faculty are usually uninterested in hosting students who wish to participate for less than two semesters and they prefer to have students who have a good background. Typically, students may start research in the summer of their sophomore year.

2) Can I conduct research outside a “hard-science” area?

Yes, but a record of accomplishment is very important. Many professional schools explicitly prefer to have students perform research in a lab using conventional chemical and biochemical techniques. Many students apply to “Summer Programs” that are offered in the areas of Science, Engineering, Medicine and Dentistry at major universities all around the country. It is our experience that our students are very competitive in being selected for many of these programs. There are links to many of these programs found on our website. See Opportunities.