Transfer Students

1) How many courses can I transfer to FIU?

A maximum of 60 lower division semester hours taken at a two-year or a four-year institution may be counted toward a degree at the University. A maximum of 30 upper division semester hours taken at a senior institution may be counted toward a degree at the University. Lower division courses in excess of 60 semester hours may serve to meet specific course requirements for an FIU degree, but credit hours represented by these courses will not reduce the number of credit hours to be completed at the University.
Please visit FIU Transfer & Transition Services for more information!

2) What courses should be taken at FIU as opposed to another institution?

FIU participates in the Florida Statewide Course Numbering System and courses taken within the State of Florida at a State University or Community College will be accepted at FIU as equivalent to our course of the same number. For completion of a minor or major in a discipline there are minimum credit requirements that must be met in-residence. Professional and graduate programs to which students may intend to matriculate* may have specific expectations and students are advised to consult the website and catalog for the program to which they intend to apply.

*Very rarely will a Professional School actually accept a student who has not completed a Bachelor's degree.

3) Approximately how long will it take me to complete my bachelor’s degree at FIU after I transfer?

This will depend upon your choice of degree, the number of courses you take each term, and the number of pre-requisite requirements within your degree program that you have completed prior to transfer. Students who have completed an Associate of Arts degree within the State of Florida should be able to complete their degree program within two years at FIU. Students are strongly advised to be aware of degree requirements and pre-requisites prior to transferring. Each degree program maintains a website which may be reviewed by prospective students and the FIU University Catalog is also available on the FIU main website.