Application Process

Application to a professional school is a serious decision. A student who applies pre-maturely to a program may prejudice that program against a future application. Several components make-up a student’s qualifications needed to apply to any program in the health professions. These include academic progress and accomplishment (courses, degree, GPA's), standard admission test scores, leadership skills and experiences, clinical experiences, personal statement, and letters of evaluation/recommendation. A student must be fully prepared in each of these required qualities to be a strong applicant.

During consultations, students in the Office of Pre-Health Professions Advising will be advised on the preparation for application to a program in their chosen career area. A plan for preparation and application is an important tool for Pre-Health professions students. The plan should include a time-line for completing coursework, obtaining professional and clinical experiences (observing, shadowing), development of leadership and interpersonal skills, and for completing the required components of the application; the admission tests, personal statements and application forms.