Application Timelines

Timelines for applying to Professional Schools may be found on the pages in the sub-directory in the left-hand column. Probably, the most demanding is that for US MD programs and students who work to meet this timeline will be well prepared for the other health profession timelines. There are additional prerequisite courses for Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant, and Veterinary Medicine.

Students planning a career in the health professions should refer to the general outline of steps shown below. Please remember that there is no such thing as a pre-med, pre-dent, or pre-vet major. You must major is a program of study, such as biology, chemistry, biomedical engineering, psychology, philosophy, music, history, etc. You will need to meet with an advisor in the department which offers your major to ensure you take all the required courses needed to fulfill that degree in the proper sequence. Your program advisor in your home department can also help you plan your course loads so you can complete your required pre-professional courses. A great deal of information will be available on the department website. The department website page may be found by searching the appropriate College webpage.

You should seek advising in the Office of Pre-Health Professions Advising for questions about the courses and requirements for your professional program to which you expect to apply. You should always review the application requirements for each individual school at their on-line website to be sure you are aware of all the latest updates relating to you. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to fulfill all of these requirements. There are many useful links that you will find helpful on the Careers page in this website, particularly the Pre-Professional Links page listing association and other valuable links.