Schedule an appointment to meet with one of our Pre-Health advisors so that they can guide you through the application process. Typically, the Committee does not interview Pharmacy students. However, you may request an advisor letter from Dr. John Landrum.

Watch for notices of workshop dates or contact the Office of Pre-Health Professions Advising for information on these workshops. Announcements are posted on the Upcoming Events section of the Homepage and on our Facebook page.

The Pharmacy School application process can be very expensive! For information about the PharmCAS Fee Waivers Click Here. Check Eligibility Requirements and APPLY EARLY as there are limited waivers available.

Letter of Recommendation requirements for Pharmacy school are highly variable. We encourage you to look at the requirements of each school individually. Currently (4/23/14) the University of Florida requires two letters of recommendation - preferably one from a Science professor and one from a Pharmacist. NOVA Southeastern University requires three letters of recommendation - preferably one from a science professor, one from a non-science professor (non-science courses include the humanities and social sciences), and one from a Pharmacist. The University of South Florida requires two Letters of Recommendation - one of these letters must be from a science professor.

The PharmCASApplication opens in May/June. Do Not Submit an Application to PharmCAS UNTIL you have received a viable PCAT Score (see minimum score below). The central application can be submitted prior to having Letters of Recommendation.

Note: All transcripts must be submitted to your central application service * in advance* of the application and must be completely up to date, i.e. have the Spring semester grades posted. (Read and Follow the PharmCAS Application Instructions for the printable transcript request form on the application webpage.)

Application Timeline Details - Pharmacy

March 1st - Finish your Personal Statement:

Writing a Personal Statement is a demanding exercise. For PharmCAS, the Personal Statement must be no longer than 4500 characters, including spaces. Errors in grammar or spelling will be fatal to your application. Have your personal statement read by several people who have an excellent command of the English language, a good first stop would be the FIU Center for Excellence in Writing. The Office of Pre-Health Advisors will read your statement if you submit it, in FINAL FORM prior to March 1st. Anticipate extensive comments and a need to revise.

June 30th - PCAT:

Plan to take the PCAT no later than June 30th in order to be able to submit a timely application. DO NOT APPLY TO PHARMACY SCHOOL UNTIL YOU KNOW YOUR PCAT SCORE! A score that is below 400 is not a competitive score for Pharmacy programs, the application process is expensive, and you may prejudice programs against a future application.