Committee Information

Pre-Health Professions Committees at universities and colleges around the country fill an important role in the application process for undergraduates seeking a career in one of the health professions. Pre-medical and pre-dental students, especially, benefit from the ability to work with the Committee in submission of their evaluative material and letters of recommendation. Colleges and Schools of Medicine and Dentistry throughout the U.S. expect and prefer a Committee and/or Composite letter of recommendation from the applicant’s home institution to individual since this provides them a consistent and experienced evaluation. This Committee also provides these professional schools a single point of contact when additional information may be needed for a candidate. For students their Advisors and the Committee provide a credible advocate for their application. At FIU the Pre-Health Professions Advising and Evaluation Committee (PPAEC) also supports application to programs of Optometry, Veterinary, Podiatry, and Physician Assistant.

At FIU the PPAEC has served students seeking admission to professional programs for over 30 years and has developed a strong rapport with many of the programs in the State of Florida, the surrounding communities as well as numerous nationally recognized programs where our students are frequent matriculants.

All students seeking admission to one of the many health professions will need to establish a file with the Office of Pre-Health Professions Advising. When a student with a completed file applies to medical school, dental school, etc. they will be able to schedule an interview with the Pre-Health Professions Advising and Evaluation Committee (PPAEC). The PPAEC will interview each qualified student and write a letter providing appropriate support of their application. Medical and dental schools expect the PPAEC letter as a part of each applicant’s file, other programs (pharmacy, optometry, physician assistant, and podiatry) welcome the PPAEC letter which is recognized as an objective assessment of the student’s competitiveness as an applicant.

Although there are some differences in the timeline that applies for the different professional schools, the following general plan should be adhered to by most students. See the Pre-Health Professions Advising Website for more detailed information and schedule an appointment with the Office to refine your plan.