Writing Application Essays

Professional applications require a personal statement by each applicant explaining what the applicant's motivations for pursuing a career in this profession are and why the applicant is a highly qualified candidate. This statement should be written with perfect grammar and spelling and it should be extremely clearly worded.

Students need to impress an admission committee with the personal qualities that motivate their choice of their career and the abilities that will ensure their success. Students should use examples from their own experience that demonstrate their leadership, academic excellence, ethics, maturity, and other desirable personal qualities.

There are extensive resources available to students to assist them with the preparation of their personal statement. It is very important that it be a honest, unembellished composition, the personal statement is not an exercise in creative writing. The personal statement should be considered to be a tool and as such should be designed to accomplish a specific purpose, informing admission committees of the character, personal qualities, and unique experiences that make the applicant a competitive and attractive candidate to profession programs. The length of the personal statement varies among centralized application services; e.g. AMCAS (5300 including spaces), AADSAS (4300 including spaces).

This statement is a known requirement and the time required to write it can be extensive. It is important to remember that you cannot readily see the errors in your own writing. It is a good idea to write your personal state by sometime in the fall semester prior to application. Plan to finish your statement by Mar. 1.

If your personal statement is finished prior to Mar 1 we will read it and offer some constructive and critical comments. Although we will point out grammatical errors we do not attempt to perfect your grammar, this is your responsibility. We will make comments about the effectiveness of the essay, clarity of language and tone of the essay.

For help proofreading and editing your essay you may visit the FIU Center for Excellence in Writing

Other resources that students will find useful in preparing a personal statement may be found at websites maintained by AAMC and others. (305-348-6634) located in GL 125.