The PPAEC Interview

The Pre-Health Professional Advisement & Evaluation Committee exists solely to assist our students who are applying to professional school. Most medical and dental schools expect an applicant to have a letter from the PPAEC. Optometry and Veterinary school applicants will both benefit from a Committee Interview and Letter. Applicants to Physician Assistant and Pharmacy Programs often apply directly to the professional programs but the PPAEC welcomes those who wish to participate in the interview process, even though it is not expected of them.

Students should ensure that they have submitted their application (AMCAS, AADSAS, PharmCAS, etc.) by the end of June and that they have scheduled an interview by the end of the summer in which they are applying to their professional program.

Students must pay a fee of $65 prior to obtaining an interview with the PPAEC. This fee covers some of the expenses of providing this service to our students. The fee will be waived for students who qualify and are approved for the AMCAS/AACOMAS/AADSAS/PharmCAS fee waivers.

Interview FAQs

Pre-Interview Information Sheet

For FAQ for the Health Professional School Interviews, Click Here