Transfer Students

Many of our successful pre-professional students begin their careers at community or other colleges and universities. We strongly encourage these transfer students to consult with The Office of Pre-Health Professions Advising prior to registering for their first semester at FIU. Attendance of an orientation session is an excellent start to your successful transfer.

Students seeking to transfer to FIU should familiarize themselves with the FIU University Catalog and those requirements that apply to transfer of credit. Some of these University requirements are echoed below:

  • Degree seeking applicants with fewer than 60 semester hours of transfer credits must meet the same requirements as beginning freshmen.
  • A maximum of 60 lower division semester hours taken at a two-year or a four-year institution may be counted toward a degree at the University.
  • A maximum of 30 upper division semester hours taken at a senior institution may be counted toward a degree at the University.
  • Lower division courses in excess of 60 semester hours may serve to meet specific course requirements for an FIU degree, but credit hours represented by these courses will not reduce the number of credit hours to be completed at the University.

Credit earned for military education will be transferred and evaluated in accordance with the recommendations of the American Council on Education. Credit earned in accredited post-secondary institutions outside of the U.S. will be considered on an individual basis and in consultation with the official evaluation of foreign education.

FIU participates in the Florida Statewide Course Numbering System and courses taken within the State of Florida at a State University or Community College will be accepted as equivalent to our course of the same number.

Students who have completed an Associate of Arts degree within the State of Florida should be able to complete their degree program within two years at FIU. Students are strongly advised to be aware of degree requirements and pre-requisites in their major prior to transferring. Each degree program maintains a website which may be reviewed by prospective students and the FIU University Catalog is also available on the FIU main website.

Upon admission to FIU transfer students who arrange an appointment with The Office of Pre-Health Professions Advising will be assisted in planning a timeline for fulfilling your degree and Pre-Health requirements. It is important to remember that professional schools are looking for qualities in their applicants that exceed the basic academic Pre-Health requirements. In particular, this applies to specific course pre-requisites listed by medical schools. Pre-Health students are encouraged to take a demanding curriculum including advanced electives in both the sciences and non-sciences, a Pre-Health course load is typically expected to be 15-18 semester hours. FIU students applying to Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Optometry, Veterinary, or other professional programs are also encouraged to be engaged with undergraduate research opportunities, develop a record of leadership by participation and membership in student organizations, student governance, philanthropic groups and to obtain direct knowledge of their profession through shadowing and intern experience.

For qualified students, The FIU Pre-Professional Advisement and Evaluation Committee (PPAEC) will provide a Committee Letter of Recommendation in support of their application. This letter is based upon an interview and the student’s academic record, professional admission test scores, faculty evaluations, and accomplishments including, leadership activities, research and experiences with the profession, such as shadowing. The requirements for a Committee interview are specific to each profession see Application Timelines and your specific career plan.

The Office of Pre-Health Professions Advising recommends that all Pre-Health professions students should plan to complete their bachelor’s degree prior to entering any professional school. Few professional programs accept students who have not completed a bachelor’s degree.

For more information about Transferring to FIU check out: Transfer & Transition Services.