Students who are successful in preparing for careers in the health professions maintain GPA’s between 3.0 and 4.0 throughout their academic careers. It should not be surprising to applicants that the most prestigious schools are the most selective in all requirements: GPA, Admission Test Scores, Leadership and Professional/Clinical Experience. It is our experience that all professional programs share a philosophical desire to attract the best students and that they are unwilling to compromise on their academic expectations irrespective of the extent of the experience and commitment of a student to the career. The different professions all seek exceptional students but vary somewhat in their selectivity. Students completing applications for U.S. M.D. programs are generally competitive only if they maintain a GPA (in each, the sciences and all other areas) above 3.5. There are foreign medical schools that offer the M.D. and are fully recognized within the U.S., particularly some Caribbean schools. Students may successfully seek admission to one of these schools with a GPA that is somewhat lower than that required by U.S. Colleges or Schools of Medicine.

The academic admission requirements for Osteopathic Colleges of Medicine (D.O. Medical Schools) span a wider range than do those for U.S. M.D. programs. As the number of high quality applicants has increased, so have the average admission scores and grades for matriculates at U.S. Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine.

Dental school academic admission requirements span a wider range than do those of medical schools but it is accurate to say that competitive dental school applicants must have a GPA greater than or equal to about 3.4.

Pharmacy is frequently a career choice of FIU Pre-Health profession students. Depending on their preparation and experience, students will find that successful application is possible at one of the several pharmacy programs within the State of Florida with a cumulative and science GPA above 3.0.

Students seeking a degree and career in Veterinary Medicine will find that admission requirements are highly competitive, comparable to those for admission to medical schools. In part, the competitive environment is the result of the small number of programs (only one in the State of Florida). Some FIU students apply to and attend veterinary school at St. George’s University which has an articulation agreement with the University of Florida.

All Pre-Health professions students should be aware of the fact that many professional schools are funded by the state in which they are found and acceptance is limited to residents of that state. Our international students will find that their choices are much more limited than U.S. permanent residents and citizens. Many professional schools do not accept U.S. non-residents. Those professional schools that do accept international students are, typically, prestigious private universities where admission is exceptionally competitive. Nevertheless, FIU has been successful at preparing many international students for acceptance to medical and/or dental schools within the U.S.

Note: General Education requirements (non-science) for most professional programs includes 6 semester credits of English and 9 semester credits of Humanities/Social Sciences.

Students seeking to apply to Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, or Sports Therapy programs should seek advising within the College of Nursing and Health Sciences where these degree options are offered at FIU. For those specifically interested in Physical Therapy please visit the College of Nursing & Health Sciences Physical Therapy page.

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