The prerequisites for students seeking admission to a career in one of the health professions can be viewed in the links below.

Please note: Some pre-requisite and preferred courses may vary among professional schools. As such, students are urged to research the pre-requisites for each school to which they wish to apply to verify that all pre-requisites are met prior to matriculation.

Students are encouraged to choose a major that satisfies his/her innate curiosity and challenges them intellectually. Majors such as Chemistry, Biological Sciences, or Biomedical Engineering offer the advantage that the pre-requisite courses are components of the major requirements. An additional advantage of majoring in one of these areas is that upper division courses taken for these degrees further prepare students for the admission tests. Professional schools all seek to admit students whose academic preparation is well-rounded. For those students who choose a major in a non-science discipline, it remains very important that they excel in their science courses and admission exams.

Pre-Medical Curriculum

Pre-Dental Curriculum

Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum

Pre-Veterinary Curriculum

Pre-Optometry Curriculum

Pre-Physician Assistant Curriculum