Majors & Careers

Selecting a major is an important choice of every university student. It is particularly so for students who are planning to pursue a career in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy or optometry. A student should identify a discipline of study that satisfies his/her innate curiosity and challenges them intellectually. Majors are a course of study within a discipline that should lead a student to understand the theory and state-of-arts in the practice of this field of study. The courses that compose most majors are generally offered by the faculty within a single discipline, for instance Chemistry and Biochemistry or Biological Sciences. The faculty of the University are grouped together in within colleges according to general groupings of their interests, skills, and intellectual approaches. Some of the majors offered by modern universities are very specialized exist primarily to prepare students for careers in various industries and government. pre-health professions students may choose to major in any of the majors offered by the University. Because a natural scientific curiosity is a inherent quality common to those having a desire to study medicine or another of the health professions most our pre-health students choose to major in Chemistry, Biological Sciences, and Biomedical Engineering. A few students select a major among the social sciences or double major combining two sciences or a science and a social science. Occasionally, one of pre-health students majors in one of the performing arts or chooses a degree in business administration.

An important practical concern of those seeking a career in the health professions is that they have adequate time to take the courses required for admission. Choosing to major in Chemistry, Biological Sciences, or Biomedical Engineering offers the advantage that the pre-requisite courses are components of the major requirements. An additional advantage of majoring in one of these areas is that upper division courses taken for these degrees further prepare students for the admission tests that are so important.

Once a student has selected a major they should carefully develop a plan of study that will allow them to complete all the requirements of their degree while also fulfilling the pre-requisites for admission to their health profession. To do this they should consult with both their advisors within The Office of Pre-Health Professions Advising and the advisor in their major department.

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