International Medical Schools

Although there are a number of medical schools outside the United States where it is possible for a U.S. citizen/resident to pursue a medical degree, only a handful of these have strong reputations. One indication of the quality of the school is its approval for its graduating to work in the State of California. We strongly advise students to apply to schools within the United States. If an applicant determines that they need to apply to an International School they must recognize the following:

  • The cost of education is still high and the school must be eligible for loans
  • There is a much larger rate of failure to pass the USMLE Step 1 Exam. (A student who fails USMLE Step 1 cannot enter clinical training)
  • After completion of the MD, securing a residency can be much more difficult than for students who graduate within the U.S. (You cannot practice medicine without completing residency)

Here are some of the links to International Medical School Programs: