Research in the Greater Miami Area

Although FIU is the largest research university in the greater Miami-Dade community there are other research universities where students may obtain unique and important opportunities to develop research skills and to develop as young scientists.

The University of Miami is an established and well-recognized university offering graduate degrees in a wide range of disciplines in the sciences, engineering and medicine. Faculty members at the University of Miami have accepted FIU students into their research programs as research technicians when they possess the desired skills to assist in the research projects.

Nova Southeastern University located in Davie, Fl. also has faculty members who are engaged in research.

Students should be alert to research opportunities and investigate the possibility of working in a laboratory or on a project. It is important that if they choose to work on a project that is conducted at another university that they understand what their commitment will be and what benefits they will receive as a participant. Will they be considered as a potential co-author? Will they receive funding to travel, to conferences to present research results? Will this mentor be a credible evaluator, willing to write a letter describing the nature of the research experience and the student's particular qualities as an applicant?